Smeg dishwasher troubleshooting

Smeg dishwasher troubleshooting

Like other household appliances, a dishwasher can break down. First of all, this happens when operating instructions are violated. In some cases, troubleshooting can be done independently, without the help of service specialists. Look for symptoms of malfunction in the table and find out the cause of the breakdown.

Smeg CSE66-I2 dishwasher troubleshooting

If the program fails to start, check that:• the dishwasher is connected to the electrical power supply,
• there is no power failure;
• the water tap is open;
• the dishwasher door is properly closed.
If water remains inside the dishwasher, check that:• the drain hose is not kinked;
• the drain siphon is not obstructed;
• the dishwasher filters are not clogged.
If the dishes are not being cleaned properly, check that:• the correct amount of detergent has been added;
• there is regenerating salt inside the special container;
• the dishes are being loaded correctly;
• the selected program is suitable for the dish types and their degree of soiling;
• all the filters are clean and positioned correctly;
• the spray arm nozzles are not obstructed;
• there is no object obstructing the rotation of the spray arms.
If the dishes fail to dry or remain dull, check that:• there is rinse aid inside the special container;
• the rinse aid dispenser setting is correct;
• the detergent used is of good quality and has not lost its effectiveness (for example, through incorrect storage, with the box left open).
If the dishes show signs of streaking, staining, etc., check that:• the rinse aid dispenser setting is not too high.
If there are visible traces of rust inside the tank:• the tank is made of steel, and therefore any rust marks are due to external elements (fragments of rust from the water pipes, pots, cutlery, etc.). Special products are commercially available t o remove such marks;
• check that the amount of detergent being used is correct. Certain detergents can be more corrosive than others.
• check that the cap of the salt container is securely closed, and that the water softening setting is correct.

Smeg DWA157X dishwasher troubleshooting

Er 01The anti-flooding system (where present) has been tripped.
Er 02The water level limitation system has tripped.
Er 03The appliance cannot heat the water.
Er 04The temperature sensor is disconnected.
Er 05The appliance cannot take in the water.
Er 06The appliance cannot drain the water from the tank.
Er 07The dishwasher cannot measure the precise water quantity that has been loaded.
Er 08Problem on the water distribution system to the baskets.
Er 09Water intake system malfunction