Siemens dishwasher troubleshooting

Siemens dishwasher troubleshooting

What is the source of the dishwasher’s malfunction? Check the table with typical breakdowns of this kind of appliance and find the reasons why they appeared and problems, since correct diagnosis facilitates prompt and competent repair with minimal costs for spare parts.

Siemens dishwasher reset

Please, do the following steps:

  1. Turn off and unplug the dishwasher.
  2. Let it stay unplugged 30 minutes.
  3. Plug it back in and run a cycle (select one and press Start)

If none of these works, do the following:

Press “Heated Dry”, then “Normal Wash,” than again “Heated Dry,” “Normal Wash” and “Cancel.” This may work for some Siemens dishwashers. If it does not, call a professional technician.

Siemens IQ 100 dishwasher troubleshooting

... when the appliance is switched onThe appliance does not startThe mains fuse has tripped.
The appliance plug has not been inserted.
The appliance door has not been shut properly.
The tap has not been turned on.
... with the appliance itselfLower spray arm rotates with difficultySpray arm is blocked by small items or food remains
Lid in detergent compartment cannot be closedDetergent compartment has been overfilled.
Mechanism is clogged with remnants of detergent.
Indicator lamps do not extinguish after washing has finished.
Indicator lamps do not extinguish after washing has finishedMain switch is still set to ON.
“Check water supply” display lights up.Tap turned off.
Water supply interrupted.
Filter in the water supply blocked.
Supply hose kinked.
Remnants of detergent stuck inside dispenserCompartment was damp when it was filled up with detergent. Compartment must be dry before detergent is added
Refill display does not light upRinse aid refill indicator switched off.
Salt refill indicator switched off.
Water remains inside appliance after programme has endedBlockage or kink in drainage hose.
Pump is jammed.
Filters are blocked.
The programme is still running. Wait for the programme to end (numerical display will indicate 0).
Perform “Reset” function.
… during washingUnusual amount of foam is createdNormal washing up liquid has been poured into the rinse-aid container.
Remove any spilled rinse aid with a cloth as it could otherwise lead to excessive foaming during the next washing cycle
Appliance stops suddenly while washing is taking placeCut in electricity supply to appliance.
Water supply has been interrupted.
Knocking sound can be heard while washing is taking placeA spray arm is knocking against the dishes inside the appliance
Rattling sound can be heard while washing is taking placeCrockery has not been stacked properly inside the appliance
Knocking sound coming from inlet valvesThis is caused by the way the water pipes have been laid and it has no effect upon the way the appliance functions. There is no remedy for this
... with the dishes, cutlery, etc.Remnants of food are stuck to the dishes, cutlery, etc.Dishwasher was not loaded properly. Jets of water could not reach all parts of the dishes, etc.
Too many items in the rack.
Items in the rack were touching each other.
Not enough detergent was added to dispenser.
Selected wash programme was not intensive enough.
Rotation of spray arm was obstructed by dish, etc.
Nozzles in spray arm are blocked by remnants of food.
Filters are blocked.
Filters have been incorrectly fitted
Waste-water pump is jammed.
Plastic items are discolouredNot enough detergent was added to dispenser
White stains are left on crockery, glasses have a milky appearanceNot enough detergent was added to input compartment.
Amount of rinse-aid was set too low.
Although water is quite hard, no salt has been put in appliance.
Water softener was set too low.
Lid on salt container is not screwed tight.
If you used a phosphate-free detergent, try a detergent containing phosphates and compare results.
Dishes, cutlery, etc. have not been driedSelected programme did not include drying function.
Amount of rinse-aid was set too low.
Items were removed from dishwasher too soon.
Glasses have a dull appearanceAmount of rinse-aid was set too low
Tea stains or traces of lipstick have not been completely removedDetergent does not have a sufficient bleaching effect.
Washing temperature was set too low.
Traces of rust on cutleryCutlery is not sufficiently rustproof.
Salt content in washing water is too high.
Lid on salt container is not screwed tight.
Too much salt was spilt while filling container.
Glasses become clouded and discoloured; coating cannot be wiped offUnsuitable detergent was used.
Glasses are not dishwasher-proof.
Smears left behind on glasses and cutlery; glasses have acquired a metallic appearanceAmount of rinse-aid set too high

Siemens SN SERIES dishwasher troubleshooting

FaultCauseRemedial action
Error code E:18 is lit.Supply hose kinked.Install supply hose without kinks.
Tap turned off.Turn on the tap.
Tap jammed or calcified.Turn on the tap.
Flow rate must be min. 10 l/min. when water supply is open.
Filter in the water supply blocked.Switch off the appliance and pull out the mains plug. Turn off the tap. Unscrew water connection.
Clean filter in the supply hose. Screw water connection on again. Check for leaks. Reconnect power supply. Switch on the appliance.
Error code E:07 is lit.Intake opening (on right inside of appliance) covered by utensils.Arrange utensils so that the intake opening is not obstructed.
Error code E:12 is lit.Heating element calcified or soiled.Clean appliance with dishwasher cleaning agent or descaler. Operate the dishwasher with water softening system and check the setting.
Error code E:14 is lit.Water protection system activated.Turn off tap.
Error code E:15 is lit.Call customer service and mention the fault code.
Error code E:16 is lit.Constant water inflow.
Error code E:22 is lit.Filters 1291 are soiled or blocked.Clean filters.
Error code E:24 is lit.Waste-water hose kinked or blocked.Install hose without kinks, remove any residue.
Siphon connection still sealed.Check connection to siphon and open if required.
Cover on the waste water pump loose.Lock cover correctly.
Error code E:25 is lit.Waste water pump blocked or cover on the waste water pump is not locked in position.Clean pump and lock cover correctly.
Error code E:27 is lit.Mains voltage too low.Not an appliance fault, have the mains voltage and electrical installation checked.
A different error code is indicated on the digital display. (E:01 to E;30)A technical fault has probably occurred.Switch off appliances with the ON/OFF switch 1 . After a short time restart the appliance.
If the problem recurs, turn off the tap and pull out the mains plug.
Call customer service and mention the error code.
Home network is not loading.WLAN is not active on the router.Check the wireless network connection of your router.
WLAN display flashes.Connection to the home network is not available.Activate the wireless network on your router.
Home Connect cannot be implemented correctly.Possible setting errors or a technichal fault.Observe the supplied documents and support information for Home Connect.
Refill indicator for salt 6 and/or rinse-aid 5 is lit.No rinse aid.Refill rinse aid.
No salt.Refill with special salt.
Sensor does not detect salt tablets.Use different special salt.
Refill indicator for salt 6 and/or rinse-aid 5 is not lit.Refill indicator switched off.Activation/deactivation
There is still enough special salt/rinse aid available.Check refill indicator, levels.
Water is left in the appliance at the end of the programme.Filter system or area under the filters 29 is blocked.Clean filters and area underneath.
Program has not ended yet.Wait until programme ends or reset.