Samsung dishwasher error code

Samsung dishwasher error code lc

Samsung dishwasher error code lc

This error code indicates a leak.

If you have notices a leak at a valve connection point, close the water supply valve, switch off your dishwasher. Use your house circuit breaker panel. Call the service, whose employees installed your dishwasher and let them fix the leak. If it does not work, turn to a Samsung service specialist.

Samsung dishwasher error code oe

Samsung dishwasher error code oe

This one reports a drain issue. The most common causes are:

  1. Drain pump problem;
  2. Clogged or twisted drain hose;
  3. Obstructed pump.

This dishwater is designed in such a way as to show this fault code to signal an issue in the drain pump. If the hose is all right, check the pump for clogs, obstruction and signs of damage. If no visible problem is found, and the code is still there, you need to check, repair or replace the drain motor assembly.

Samsung dishwasher error code le

Samsung dishwasher error code le

If you see Le on the display, check the base pan: most likely, there is water in it. This may be due to a leak. Switch off and disconnect your dishwasher and tilt it to the left to free it from the water. Then put the machine back in its place, collect and plug it, and run it to see if the code has gone. If it has not, remove the side panels and check the system for leaks. Most likely, there is a leak in the motor. This may require replacement of the entire main circulation assembly.

Samsung 4e error code dishwasher

Samsung 4e error code dishwasher

If you see this code on your dishwasher’s display, try this:

  1. Disconnect the flexible water line hose (it I equipped with a leak detector)
  2. Reconnect it and readjust the leak pressure valve
  3. Restart the machine.

If it does not work, call a trained technician. Some parts may need to be repaired or replaced.

Samsung dishwasher error code 7e

Samsung dishwasher error code 7e

This error code appears due to a blockage of the water wall detector; it simply cannot move and, consequently, do its job properly.

Open the dishwasher door, check the deflector and remove any objects that may be blocking it. It may be a fork, spoon, knife, etc. accidentally getting in there.

Make sure that the Water Wall Vane is positioned properly: the logo should be at the front. If it is not positioned correctly, remove it, then turn it around and place it on the water wall rail.

Samsung dishwasher 9e error code

Samsung dishwasher 9e error code

9E is one of the most commonly occurring issues in Samsung dishwashers. It indicates a drop in water pressure. Most likely, it is caused by:

  1. Faulty water valve
  2. Twisted or blocked water supply hose
  3. Damaged electronic parts

Also, the error appears when the sensor on the dishwasher’s side gets clogged. Therefore, it is advisable to check the sensor and hoses regularly and remove food waste when necessary. If there is no waste or debris, the sensor must have broken down and has to be replaced. The procedure takes a bit of skill, but if you have experience with this kind of dishwasher, you can do it yourself.

Samsung dishwasher error code 6e

Samsung dishwasher error code 6e

The “6E” (“BE”) error occurs when there is a button issue. Most likely, the Main PBA connector has gotten moist due to condensation. You can fix the problem by simply drying the connection properly.

There are other possible causes as well

For example, it can indicate a drain issue, i. e. water gets too slow to drain or is not draining at all. In this case, you need to do some check and repair. Not unlikely, the drain hose has gotten clogged, bent or kinked. Check the hose and be sure it is positioned properly. If it is damaged, replace it. If the drain pump is faulty, you will need to repair or replace it.

Samsung dishwasher error code Е1

Samsung dishwasher error code e1

Long water intake.

  1. Lack of water supply.
  2. The water tap is closed.
  3. The filler hose is clogged or kinked.
  4. The door is not tightly closed.
  5. Clogged mesh filter.

How to fix the malfunction:

  1. Open the tap and check the water supply.
  2. Check the inlet tap, it may have been shut off.
  3. Inspect the water intake hose. It shouldn’t be kinked or squeezed by any other object.
  4. Close the door tightly. It has a locking device. The appliance will not start until the door is locked.
  5. Clean the mesh filter. It is located at the junction of the filling hose with the machine. Shut the water, unscrew the hose and rinse the mesh.

Samsung dishwasher error code Е2

Samsung dishwasher error code e2

What does the error code mean: the machine does not drain the water after the wash.

  1. Issues with the drain hose.
  2. Clogged filter.
  3. Drain system is clogged.
  4. Clogged drain pump.

How to fix the malfunction:

  1. Inspect the drain hose that connects the dishwasher to the sewage system. If it is kinked or twisted – the water will not drain.
  2. The filter located at the bottom is clogged with food residues. Clean the filter to let the water drain normally. But first press the “Drain” button.
  3. To check the drain hose for clogging, disconnect its end from the sewage and place it in a bowl. If the water does not come out, then you need to remove the hose and clean it from dirt and food leftovers.
  4. In case of clogging, the drain pump can be cleaned with your own hands if you are familiar with how the dishwasher is designed. But it is better to call a serviceman.

Samsung dishwasher error code Е3

Samsung dishwasher error code e3

No water heating.

  1. The heater is out of service.
  2. Thermostat is broke.
  3. Failed control module.

How to do self repair:

  1. Check if all communications are connected correctly. If the machine is brand new, you could make mistakes.
  2. Check the mode you set. If a delicate wash is set, the heating temperature will not exceed 40 degrees.
  3. Inspect the Samsung dishwasher filter for clogs. With reduced water circulation, the heating element does not turn on.
  4. Inspect the heater. If it has scales on it, then the element requires cleaning. If the heater burned out – you will need a complete replacement.
  5. Install a new thermostat if it is broken.
  6. Only the serviceman can detect the cause of the module breakdown and replace the part.

Samsung dishwasher error code Е4

Samsung dishwasher error code e4

The description of the code on the “Samsung” dishwasher display: too much water in the tub.

  1. The sensor that monitors the water level in the tub is out of order.
  2. Issues with the water intake valve.

What to do:

  1. Check the water level sensor, replace it in case of malfunction.
  2. Inspect the intake valve. Replace if necessary.

Samsung dishwasher error code Е5

Samsung dishwasher error code e5

Water pressure too low.

  1. Issues with the water level sensor.
  2. The dishwasher filter is clogged.
  3. Inlet hose is clogged or kinked.

How to do self repair:

  1. Inspect water level sensor. If there is a breakdown, the sensor needs to be replaced.
  2. Clean the filter from clogging.
  3. Check the inlet hose. Make sure it is not kinked.

Samsung dishwasher error code Е6-Е7

Samsung dishwasher error code e6-e7

Issues with temperature sensor. The thermostat does not work, the heating of the water does not start. Thermal sensor needs to be replaced.

Samsung dishwasher error code Е8

Samsung dishwasher error code e8

The alternative valve has failed. If the inspection reveals breakage, the valve must be replaced.

Samsung dishwasher error code Е9

Samsung dishwasher error code e9

The program start button does not function.

  1. Detergents got into the button connectors, and it stuck.
  2. The button cannot be pushed because it is stuck inside.
  3. There was a short circuit in the contacts leading to the button.

The panel with a button needs to be disassembled and cleaned. Check the contacts of the button, if they are burnt – they need a replacement.

Samsung dishwasher error code UC

Samsung dishwasher error code uc

Incorrect voltage. If the voltage is too low or too high, the dishwasher will not operate – it will highlight the error. You can wait until the voltage resumes, or you may call an electrician.

Samsung dishwasher error code ЕА

Samsung dishwasher error code ea

Too much water in the tub.

  1. Issues with the drain hose.
  2. Incorrect water level sensor data.

How to do self repair:

  1. Inspect the drain hose. If it is kinked or clogged, the water will hardly leave the machine. It is necessary to clean the hose from clogging.
  2. Check the water sensor. Replace it if necessary.

Samsung dishwasher error code 3Е2

Samsung dishwasher error code 3e2

No signal from the Hall-effect sensor. You need to check the wiring connections between the motor and the Hall-effect sensor.

Samsung dishwasher error code Die

Samsung dishwasher error code die

Door is not closed tightly. Push the door harder or the wash will not begin.

Samsung dishwasher he error

Samsung dishwasher he error

If you see the HE error message on the display, most likely, there is a problem with the heating element or heater relay.

Cut off power and remove the dishwasher from under the counter.

The relay is found on the dishwasher’s right-hand side. To reach it, remove the metal panel on the right.

To test the heating element, you can reach it from the bottom/front. However, it’d be more convenient if you put it on the back and remove the kick panel.

It has been noticed that heating elements and relays on Samsung dishwashers tend to fail in homes, where instant (tankless) water heaters are used.

These water heaters do not require intensive water flow. Just a minimum gallon-per-minute value is enough to heat the water.

There are dishwashers with a lower GPM than necessary. The result of it is absence of hot water at the stage of filling.

This causes overload to the heating system, because it has to stay “on” for longer than average. As a result, the heating element and the heater relay fail prematurely.