Midea dishwasher troubleshooting

Midea dishwasher troubleshooting

If your dishwasher broke down – it does not switch on, hums or washes dishes poorly, do not rush to call technician. After all, most of the failures can be fixed with your own hands. Read about the causes of the main problems in the table.

Midea CD400 dishwasher troubleshooting

PhenomenaPossible CausesService Instructions
1. Dishwater does not work when turned ON (No power indication).Power socket defect. Power cord defect. Broken timer cord. Lock malfunction. Power switch failure.Check socket.
Сheck the power cord
Set the timer
The door is not closed
2. Small or no incoming water.Twisted inlet hose.Straighten up the inlet hose.
Excessive lower water pressure or blocked water tap.Check the water tap.
Inlet valve malfunction or blocked valve filter.Check the inlet valve.
Working pressure switch failure.
3. Overflowing incoming water.Working and protection pressure switches failure.
Inlet valve core will not close. Timer failure.The problem with: inlet valve.
The problem with: timer.
4. Drainage activates again and again without washing.Protection or working pressure switch failure.
Incorrect cord connection.The problem with: inner connecting wires.
5. Timer does not work.Timer cord failure.The problem with:
connecting wires or timer.
Timer failure.The problem with:
heating element or thermostat.
Heating element failure (for heated washing).
Thermostat failure.
Insufficient water.
6. Incomplete drainage.Twisted or blocked drain hose. Pump motor failure.Check drain hose.
The problem with the water pump motor.
7.Leakage.Tilted dishwater.Adjust the machine foot.
Unlocked door.Lock the door.
Broken connecting hose in dishwasher.Replace connecting hose.
Aged gasket.Replace gasket.
Loose or defect inlet valve connector.Tighten the inlet valve. Reconnect the pump and the sump, add gasket at the connector and tighten the wedge.
Damaged pump.
Pump gasket failure.
8. Dishwater powder retained in the powder trough.Caked dishwater powder.
Dishes block the water flow to the dishwasher powder.
9. No brightness liquid from dispenser.No brightness liquid in dispenser. Electromagnetic valve does not work.The problem with the dispenser and inner connecting wires.
10. Bad dispenser sealingSealing cap failure. Broken dispenser case.Replace dispenser.
11. Unsatisfactory washing result.Improper loading of dishes.
Aged, incorrect or insufficient dishwater powder.
Improper procedure selection.Reselect procedure.
Twisted or blocked drain hose.Check drain hose.
Foreign articles in the main washing system.Clean spray arm.
Blocked spray arm.Replace dispenser.
Brightness liquid leaks into the inner container during washing.Clip filter screen to the right position.
Filter screen not clipped to the right position.
12. Unsatisfactory drying.Improper loading of dishes. Brightness liquid not used. Heating element problem. Heated wash mode not selected.Load the dishes correctly. Add brightness liquid. Heating element problem. Reselect procedure.
13. Water drops at the door.Condensed vapor from air vent.Normal phenomena.
14. Difficult opening/shutting of the door.Dislocated door gasket. Bent lock linkage. Disalignment of lock hook.Press gasket back to position.
15. Excessive working noise.Collision of dishes.
Vibrating pump motor assembly. Foreign articles in the pump. Loose screws.
Check screws.
16. Water accumulated in bottom pan.Bad sealing of hose connectors. Salt spoon, colophony spoon or water tank leakage.Check water hoses.
Incomplete sealing of inner container from sump.Check water softener(WP5F).
Incomplete sealing of thermostat.Check the contact.

Midea WQP12 9240AS dishwasher troubleshooting

Questions put forward by usersBy misusage of usersThe problems of the dishwasher itself
The dishwasher does not start* Something wrong with the socket* Power cord
* No water (the water valve is closed)* ‘ON/OFF' switch
* Improper electrical connection* Door switch
* The door is not properly closed* Water inlet valve
* Incorrect position of charging hose* Pressure switch
* Aqua-stop switch
Water floods in the dishwasher* Air leakage of the chamber
* The hose of pressure switch
* Pressure switch
* Water inlet valve
The dishwasher does not heat* Malfunction of heating element
* The circuit is not properly contacted
* Malfunction of the thermocouple
No water comes into the dishwasher* Water supply is cutoff* Connection to the inlet valve is broken or damaged.
* The filter of the water inlet valve is clogged.* Electrical connection is cut off.
* Pressure switch
* Aqua-stop switch
* The softener is blocked.
The dishes are not clean enough after washing* The filter is clogged.* Flow and pressure of washing pump
* Unqualified detergent or the dosage in the container is not correct.* Detergent is not released from dispenser
* No salt in the softener* Heating element is not working
* No rinse agent* The nozzle is blocked by food particles
* Incorrect loading of dishes * Something wrong with the drain pipe in the home* No water coming into the dishwasher
* The dispenser malfunctions
* something wrong with the pressure switch reducing water pressure
The dishwasher doesn't wash properly* Wrong loading position of the dishes.* Short circuit of startup capacitance
* Washing motor is blocked or burnt
* Pressure switch
* Malfunction of the circuit board
The dishes are wet* The customer chose the program without drying performance‘Thermocouple doesn't work properly
* Heating element has malfunctioned
* Something is wrong with the circuit board
The dishes are not completely dried* Incorrect loading of the dishes* The passage of the air breather is blocked
* Earlier opening of the door* The drain pump does not drain out water
* No rinse agent or the dosage is not enough* Detergent is not released from the dispenser
* Incorrect program selection
Too much noise* Incorrect loading of dishes* Noise from washing pump
* Noise from drain pump
* Noise from water inlet valve ‘Noise from air breather
Electrical charges from dishwasher* The electrical wire in the house is not earthed.* Connection of the terminal box
* Grounding of the heating element
* Circuit and its components
Water leakage and flood of the dishwasher* Too much detergent* Pressure switch
* Using the detergent not intended for use with dishwashers.* Door gasket
* Water leakage of pipes, gaskets and bolts
* Drain hose
* Washing pump
* Softener valve
* Softener
* Air breather
Unusual smell in the dishwasher* Food particles on the tub bottom* The water temperature is too high when drying (overheating)
* Food particles on the heating element* Thermocouple doesn't work properly
* Plastic dishes used in the dishwasher
Long time for a washing cycle* Inlet pressure is too low* The drain hose is crimped or bent
* Incorrect location of charging and drain hoses or they are bent* Malfunction of the drain pump
* The filter of inlet valve is blocked* Infill of the inlet valve is blocked
* Clog of the softener
* Malfunction of the thermocouple
The detergent could not be released from the dispenser* Bad quality of the detergent* The plug of detergent container could not be opened.
* The detergent is damped into blocks* No action of the solenoid valve of electric feeding dispenser.
* Wrong location of the dishes* Malfunction of the electric circuit
* Malfunction of the thermocouple
Dishwasher stops when cycling* Electric circuit
* Door switch
* Pressure switch
* The circuit board
* Power switch
Dishes are damaged or glassware is broken* The dishes are not suitable for washing in the dishwasher* Basket is damaged
* The dishes are overturned* Malfunction of the thermocouple
* The washing temperature is not suitable for glassware
The dishwasher does not drain* Block of drain hose* Malfunction of drain pump
* Improper connection of electric circuit
* Malfunction of the thermocouple
Lime deposits form on the dishes* Too much detergent* Reduce the dosage
The dishes look greasy and a blue film forms on them sometimes* Too much rinseagent* Reduce the dosage
Dirty spots on the surface of the dishwasher* The detergent sticks to the damp surface* Use the detergent according to the user's manual
* The detergent should not be spilled on the surface of the dishwasher
Strange color of the surface of the washed dishes* The salt is not intended to use in the dishwasher.* The influence of salt on the resin