Hotpoint dishwasher troubleshooting

Hotpoint dishwasher troubleshooting

Most dishwasher malfunctions can be easily diagnosed and eliminated by the owner. The main malfunctions of this appliance can found in the table below.

Hotpoint Aquarius FDl570 dishwasher troubleshooting

Problem:Possible causes / Solutions:
The dishwasher does not starting or cannot be controlled• Switch off the appliance by pressing the ON/OFF button, switch it back on after approximately one minute and reset the program.
• The appliance has not been plugged in properly.
• The dishwasher door has not been shut properly.
The door won’t close• The lock was released. Strongly push the door until a “clacking” noise is heard.
No water drains out from the dishwasher.• The dishwasher cycle has not yet finished.
• The water inlet hose is bent.
• The drain duct is blocked.
• The filter is clogged up with food residues.
The dishwasher makes excessive noise.• The dishes are rattling against each other or against the sprayer arms.
• An excessive amount of foam has been produced: the detergent has not been measured out correctly or it is not suitable for use in dishwashers .
The dishes and glasses are covered in a white film or limescale deposits.• The level of the refined salt is low or the dosage setting is not suited to the hardness of the water
• The lid on the salt dispenser is not closed properly.
• The rinse aid has been used up or the dosage is too low.
The dishes and glasses are streaked or have a bluish tinge.• The rinse aid dosage is too high.
The crockery has not been dried properly.• A wash cycle without a drying program has been selected.
• The rinse aid has been used up or the dosage is too low.
• The rinse aid dispenser setting is not suitable.
• The crockery is made from non-stick material or plastic.
The dishes are not clean.• The racks are overloaded .
• The crockery has not been arranged well.
• The sprayer arms cannot move freely.
• The wash cycle is too gentle .
• An excessive amount of foam has been produced: the detergent has not been measured out correctly or it is not suitable for use in dishwashers .
• The lid on the rinse aid compartment has not been shut correctly.
• The filter is dirty or blocked .
• The refined salt level is low .
The dishwasher does not take any water in/Tap shut-off alarm (the Drying and End indicator flashing lights).• There is no water in the mains supply.
• The water inlet hose is bent .
• Turn on the tap and the appliance will start after a few minutes.
• The appliance is locked because no action was taken when the indicator lights were flashing. Switch off the machine using the ON/OFF button, turn on the tap and switch the machine back on after 20 seconds by pressing the same button. Re-programme the machine and restart the wash cycle.
Water inlet hose alarm/Water inlet filter blocked. (the Washing, Drying and End indicator lights flashes).• Switch off the appliance by pressing the ON/OFF button. Shut off the water tap to eliminate the risk of flooding and remove the plug from the electrical socket. Make sure the water inlet filter has not become blocked by various impurities, .

Hotpoint DF61 dishwasher troubleshooting

When the appliance is switched on: Appliance does not startIs the dishwasher plugged in at the electricity socket and switch on?
Is there a power failure, check other appliances.
Fault with fuse in mains electricity supply.
Appliance door not closed properly. Water tap not turned on.
Ensure fill hose is not kinked.
If water remains inside the dishwasher; check:The drain hose is not kinked.
the drain syphon is not obstructed.
the dishwasher filters are not clogged
If the dishes are not being cleaned properly, check:the correct amount of detergent has been added.
there is regenerating salt in the salt container.
the dishes are being loaded correctly.
the selected programme is suitable for the type of dishes and the degree of soiling.
all filters are clean and positioned correctly.
the spray arm nozzles are not obstructed.
there is nothing obstructing the rotation of the spray arms
If the dishes fail to dry or remain full, checkThere is rinse aid inside the rinse aid container.
the rinse aid dispenser setting is correct.
the detergent being used is of good quality and has not lost its effectiveness (for example, through incorrect storage, with the box left open)
If the dishes show signs of streaking, staining etc. checkThe rinse aid dispenser setting is not too high
If there are visible traces of rust inside the tank, checkThe tank is made of steel and therefore any rust marks are due to external elements (fragments of rust from the tank pipes, pots, cutlery etc.) Special products
are commercially available to remove such marks.
the amount of detergent being used is correct. Certain detergents can be more corrosive than others.
the cap off the salt container is securely closed and that the water softening setting is correct.
If you have gone through the possibilities in the list above and the problem persists, contact your nearest Service office.
Switch off at the mains socket and remove the plug. Turn off the water supply

Hotpoint HDA-997 dishwasher troubleshooting

Dishwasher wont runA fuse in your home may be blown, or the circuit breaker tripped. Replace fuse or reset circuit breaker. Remove any other appliances from the circuit.
Unusual noiseUtensils may not be secure on rack pins. Or something small may have dropped from the rack. Water is causing utensils to rattle. Make sure everything is securely placed in dishwasher.
Dishes don’t dryMake sure inlet water temperature is correct.
Unload the bottom rack first. Water from dishes in the top rack may be spilling into the bottom rack.
Check for improper loading. Dishes shouldn’t nest together. Avoid overloading.
Check the rinse agent dispenser to see that it’s not empty.
Unclean dishes and flatwareCheck inlet water temperature. It should be at least 120F.
To obtain the benefits of a complete cycle, be careful that you do not turn the dial any further than necessary to start the dishwasher.
Water pressure may be temporarily low. Is water coming out slower than usual? If so, wait until pressure is normal before using your dishwasher.
Improper rack loading.
Black or gray marks on dishesAluminum deposits often leave marks when they rub against other things. Remove marks with a mild abrasive cleanser.
Detergent left in dispenser cupsWater may not be reaching the detergent cups. Move dishes that may be blocking detergent cup.
The dispenser cover may not be opening or may be blocked by improperly loaded items. Open the cup and remove any caked-on detergent. If the cup still doesn’t open automatically, call for service.
Detergent may be old. If it’s hard or caked in the box, throw it away. The detergent may not be working well. Try another brand.