Danby portable dishwasher troubleshooting

Many dishwasher malfunctions are explained by simple reasons – voltage drops, insufficient water pressure, clogged filters, etc. Find the symptoms of the breakdown of your device in the table and learn how to solve the problem.

ProblemPossible CauseSolution
Dishwasher doesn’t runFuse blown or circuit breaker has tripped Power supply is not turned on Water pressure is lowReplace fuse or reset circuit breaker
Make sure dishwasher is turned on and door is closed. Plug in cord securely
Check that water supply is connected and the water is turned on
Drain pump doesn’t stopOverflowThe system is designed to detect an overflow. When it does, it shuts off the circulation pump and turns on the drain pump
NoiseSome audible sounds are normal Utensils are not secure in basket / some- thing small has dropped into the basket Motor humsSounds from soft food shredding action and detergent cup opening
Ensure everything is secured in the dishwasher
If you do not use often, dishwasher may hum, remember to fill and pump out the appliance every week to keep the seal moist
Suds in the tubImproper detergent Spilled rinse agentUse only dishwasher detergent to avoid suds.
If suds are present, open the door and let suds evaporate
Always wipe rinse agent spills immediately
Dishes are not dryRinse agent dispenser is emptyMake sure that the rinse agent dispenser is filled
Dishes and flatware are not clean (spots / filming)Improper program selected / run Improper rack loading Extremely hard waterSelect a stronger program
Make sure that the detergent dispenser and spray arms are not blocked by large dishware
Remove all metal utensils from dishwasher
Detergent left in dispenser cupsDishes blocking the detergent cupsRe-load the dishes properly
Water standing in the bottom of the tubThis is normalA small amount of clean water around the out- let at the back of the tub keeps the water seal lubricated
Water doesn’t pump out of the tubThe drain is cloggedMake sure the kitchen sink is draining well. If the dishwasher drains into a disposer, run it clear
Dishwasher leaks / steamsOverfilled dispenser or rinse aid spills Dishwasher isn’t level Steam is normalBe careful not to overfill the rinse aid dispense. Spilled rinse aid can cause over sudsing and lead to overflowing. Wipe away any spills with a damp cloth
Make sure the dishwasher is level Steam coming through the vent by the door latch is normal during drying and water draining