Balay Dishwasher Troubleshooting

Balay Dishwasher Troubleshooting

It could be different problems with Balay dishwashers. The tables below will help in troubleshooting of the two models of this brand. Instead of fault codes, the tables show the error description, possible causes and solutions. Information from the tables will help to determine the degree of the problem and the necessity of calling the repairman.

Balay 3VB351XD Dishwasher Troubleshooting

Problem Solution
The appliance does not start– The mains fuse has tripped.
– The appliance plug has not been inserted.
– The appliance door has not been shut properly
Lower spray arm rotates sluggishly– Spray arm blocked
The door is difficult to open– Child-proof lock is activated
Cover on the detergent dispenser cannot be closed– Detergent dispenser overfilled or mechanism blocked by sticky detergent residue
Detergent residue in the detergent dispenser– Dispenser was damp when fille
Unusual foam formation– Handwash liquid in the rinse aid dispenser
Appliance stops during the wash cycle– Power supply interrupted.
– Water supply interrupted
Filling valves making striking noises– Caused by the installation of the water line and has no effect on the function of the machine. Remedial action is not possible
Knocking/rattling noise during rinsing– Spray arm is striking utensils.
– Utensils not arranged correctly
Food residue on the utensils– Utensils placed too closely together, utensils basket overfilled.
– Too little detergent.
– Rinse programme too weak.
– Spray arm rotation obstructed.
– Spray arm nozzles blocked.
– Filters blocked.
– Filters incorrectly inserted.
– Waste water pump blocked.
– Top basket on right and left not set to same height
Tea or lipstick residue is not completely removed– The detergent has an inadequate bleaching effect.
– Too low rinsing temperature.
– Too little/unsuitable detergent
White stains on the utensils/glasses remain milkyIf phosphate-free detergents are used with hard tap water, white deposits may be deposited more easily on utensils and the container walls.
– Too little/unsuitable detergent.
– Too weak programme selected.
– No/too little rinse aid.
– No/too little special salt.
– Water softening system set to the wrong value.
– Salt dispenser lock not fastened
Dull, discoloured glasses, film cannot be washed off– Unsuitable detergent.
– Glasses not dishwasher-proof
Streaks on glasses and cutlery, glasses have metallic appearance– Too much rinse aid
Plastic parts discoloured– Too little/unsuitable detergent.
– Too weak programme selected

Balay 3VS950IA Dishwasher Troubleshooting

FaultPossible causesRemedial action
Utensils are not cleanUtensils are situated close together or one above the otherSeparate the utensils, prevent contact points.
Sand or gritty residue on the utensilsToo little detergentFollow manufacturer’s instructions (detergent).
Unsuitable programme selectedSelect a more intensive programme.
Spray arm nozzles blockedClean the spray arms
Filters dirty, not seated firmly Clean the filters
Spray arms blockedArrange the utensils so that the spray arms can rotate freely.
Stains and streaksRinse-aid dosage too high/too lowStreaks: reduce dosage.
Water or limescale stains: increase dosage.
Milky deposits on the utensils (can be removed)Water softening system incorrectly set; No saltCorrectly set water softening system. Refill with salt.
Milky deposits, glasses cloudy/tarnished (cannot be removed)Glasses not dishwasher-proof.Use dishwasher-proof glasses.
Use a detergent suitable for glasses.
Plastic/utensils discolouredToo little detergent.Follow manufacturer's instructions (detergent).
Discoloration caused by food colourings (tomato sauce)Discoloration is harmless; subsequent rinse cycles will cause it to fade.
Fault display “E:XX” is litAppliance has technical defectCall factory customer service (state fault display).
Unplug appliance.
Residual water in the applianceThe programme has not yet endedClose and switch on the appliance or terminate the programme
Cutlery not rust-resistant. Hard knife blades are more susceptibleUse dishwasher-proof cutlery.
Rust on the cutleryExtraneous rustNever wash rusting parts in the appliance.