About US

Hi! I’m Robert Wilson, a retired service technician with 45+ years of experience, who now shares his knowledge online. My website aims to cover a variety of topics connected with dishwashers. Everything a dishwasher owner may want to know, from maintenance hacks to repair and troubleshooting guides.

Let me tell you a little about myself.

I grew up in a small community in Australia. My dad worked as a service technician who served the needs of the entire community.

I was born when my father was 46, I was the only child, and I always felt they wanted me to stay in my home town. As I was growing up, my father taught me what he knew about his job.

Back then, the range of household appliances was smaller, the number of makes and models was smaller, too. The opportunities to get the information and relevant training were scarce, too. So my father was a kind of a pro who was difficult to replace and who was very valuable for the community. I remember people calling him when we went on holiday to another part of the country asking him to come back earlier.

As a teenager, I would often go with him and watch him work. When my age was enough for working independently, I started performing service calls on my own. Soon, my father retired, and so now I became the “impossible-to-replace” tech in my community.

We were generally a very close-knit family, and I enjoyed being not far from my loved ones. And yet, I felt that I was missing a lot staying in the same small community.

When I was 22, I met a wonderful girl, Patricia, on a holiday in Europe. Although she was from another part of the world (Michigan, US), she agreed to move to Australia, and pretty soon we got married.
In 1980, my dad died after a long illness. My mom survived him only a few months. At this point, I felt I needed a change to distract myself from these sad memories. I did not have good reasons for staying in my community.

My wife, who helped me to go through this difficult period, suggested that we relocate to her native country, the US. I thought: “Why not? Isn’t it my turn?”

Quite soon, we settled down in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the city from which my wife comes from and where she had left a large family.
I started working in a small repair business and eventually became an independent technician.

Now that I’m retired I’m running this DIY dishwasher repair and maintenance blog. Why did I decide to write about dishwashers? I’ve worked with various appliances and can write about them, too. But at the time I started this blog, I discovered that the information on dishwashers was scarce, so I decided to fill in this gap.

I’ve broken down this website into do-it-yourself guides on practical repair and maintenance topics so you can easily find the information you need.